Ahhhh man. It’s a lesson I remember well from fourth grade track and field. Always Follow Through. Following through is Hard Work. But oh, so worth it.

You can’t just stop at the finish line, you have to—WHAT?—run THROUGH it.

It’s a lesson we human beings could and SHOULD apply to so many aspects of our lives—seeing the win through to the end is a vital part of completion.

That’s why we’re posting the video (sad as it is) on a storage site. We all need little reminders (even if we are Duck die-hard fans) to keep going, keep running, and FINISH THE FREAKING RACE before asking for applause.

If you need help moving the last three rooms of your house—guess what? We have hand-carts you can borrow! We have boxes you can buy. We’ve got everything you need here at Storitall PLUS an elevator. So all you have to do is show up. We can help you finish your project, all the way to the finish line.