Business Storage


Even in today’s age of technology, business’s must keep paper records! Make it through enough successful years in business, and suddenly you have boxes and boxes and boxes of paper records representing years of hard work and completed tax returns. The paper trail can start to choke you right out of office, house, and home!

Stop filling your garage up with legal sized documents! Store everything you need to reference in our safe, secure, weather-tight, and city-center storage facility.

Storitall has long been a trusted data storage facility for Eugene enterprises.

Common usage: 10×20 or 10×30 storage space.


200 Sq Ft | 1600 Cu Ft
Similar in size to:
Large Garage
Ideal for storing excess inventory, warehousing, appliances, etc.More Info


300 Sq Ft | 2400 Cu Ft
Similar in size to:
Larger Garage
Can be used as a small warehouse for business.More Info
What customers say about us:

“We’re thankful to have a safe and convenient storage facility for all our important documents. The management is great to work with and we highly recommend Stor-It-All to other businesses interested in file storage.”

–Sarah Smith, General Manager of the Holiday Inn Express on Franklin Blvd.

“Stor-It-All has a very convenient location, and everyone here is very nice! It’s just like Cheers; Everybody knows your name!”

–Athena, Women’s Care