Prepping for the Big Storm

Prepping for the big storm: If you haven’t done it already, remember to put away all outdoor furniture. Chairs, tables, windsocks and table umbrellas can be easily blown away by high winds and rain.

Dry your furniture thoroughly and then utilize StoritAll’s handcarts and cargo elevator to stow your furniture safely away for the winter season. Better safe than sorry!

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Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2016

So you’re looking for a pop culture costume? According to PopSugar, here are the top 10 Halloween costumes for 2016. Gone are the days of mere ghosts and goblins—consider this your trend alert.

1. Simone Biles

2. Bill Clinton and Balloons

3. Pokemon (anything really)

4. Starbucks drinks (really???)

5. Hodor from Game of Thrones

6. Beyonce from Lemonade video

7. Finn, Rey and BB8

8. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

9. A SnapChat Filter

10. A member of the new Ghostbusters Squad


We’re curious what you’re dressing up as for Halloween–any better ideas than these?

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Outside Clean-up and Storage

It’s officially Fall. It seems like just yesterday we encouraged every one to get their bicycles out of storage and start riding Eugene’s amazing bike trail system. Now, we’re reminding you it’s time to put away your patio furniture! At least you can do the job while enjoying a warm beverage.

Prepping your patio only takes about an hour, and by taking care of your outdoor furniture you’ll ensure it lasts a long long time.

1. Clean your furniture and any cushions, hammocks or umbrellas. It’s annoying—but so refreshing to use clean things in the Spring!

2. Stack your furniture in your Storitall unit. Removed cushions should be carefully stacked on top or stored in a clean, dry, breathable bag or cardboard box.

3. Cover vulnerable plants with burlap, or move inside. Storitall is climate controlled and remains temperate through the year.

4. Remember to turn off the sprinklers and clean out the system! A sudden freeze can wreak havoc on an unprepared watering system.



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Preparing Your Roses for Winter

In a climate so perfect for roses, it’s no wonder so many Eugenians find delight in growing these gorgeous flowers. And we know who you gardeners are! Storitall is the perfect place for a city dweller to store their community garden tools—and Eugene has so many community gardens it’s no wonder fresh flowers, fruits and veggies are a staple in our homes. Urban farmers, unite!

As winter approaches, its time to take care of the garden—and caring for your roses becomes topmost priority. You could take classes at Owen Rose Garden, or follow these simple directions on how to prepare your roses fro the winter.

The cool fall weather brings on roses dormant period. It’s important to stop fertilizing in late summer in Oregon. The last feeding of the season should occur two months before  the first frost. That’s the time to stop pruning and cutting blossoms, too, as cutting can stimulate new growth.

1. Remove all the old mulch from under and around the roses. This old dirt could harbor disease and insect eggs.

2. Spread fresh mulch: wood chips, shredded bark, chops leaves.

3. Water the roses well.

4. Once the ground freezes, add more mulch. Mound the mulch 6 to 12 inches up the canes.



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Eugene Owen Rose Garden

Here in Eugene, Oregon, we live amidst true natural beauty and many of Storitall’s best customers are gardeners.

Our city’s eight and a half acre Owen Rose Garden is something every citizen should enjoy. In 1951, George Owen donated the first five acres on the edge of the river. Following his donation the Eugene Rose Society donated 750 rose plants. Today there are over 400 rose varieties and 4500 plants.

Considering how well roses grow in our climate, you might wonder how to care for your own rose garden! Get out your garden shears and a cell phone and give Owen Rose Garden a call. The stewards at the park would be more than happy to assist your own growing knowledge.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Owen Rose Garden, join the rose garden staff for year-round Thursday work parties. According to the city website, you’ll learn how to help manage, beautify, and care for this diverse city garden. “Come get hands on experience in rose culture with guidance on pruning techniques, planting methods, fertilizer needs and general rose care. Email Clay Manders or contact her at 541-682-5025 for more information.”


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Cruising for a Cure

Cruising for a Cure in Junction City

Date: Sep 16, 2016

Join the cool kids in Junction City for a great cause! Bring your classic car and/or enthusiasm to Junction City this Friday to support Alzheimer’s Research at the Cruise for the Cure.

Times:Friday, 6 – 8 p.m.

Location: Junction City Retirement and Assisted Living

Address:500 E 6th Ave, Junction City, OR 97448

Admission:$5 – $20

Contact: 541.998.6060

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Family Information Center

Time to get organized!

With the new school year fast approaching, it makes sense to use the last few weeks of August to prepare yourself for the upcoming busy-season.

Has your family considered using an Information Center to help with the transition?

It’s a centrally located (usually at a garage entry door or front door) place to find out what’s happening in the family.

So, what’s in a Family Information Center?
1. Calendar. Sure, everyone has one on their iPhone, but there should be a visible calendar that lists family obligations, parties, school and sporting schedules for everyone.
2. The house-hold chore chart. Nobody likes it, but it makes the house run a lot smoother!

3. A place for the household shopping list, coupons, receipts and rebates.

4. In-Boxes for each family member. These in-boxes will be for permission slips, personal bills, party invitations, or general mail.

5. Finally, a white board! These is simply an indispensable tool of communication for a busy family.

Happy August!

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August To-Do List

August is waning, which means the school year is right around the corner. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of things you might consider doing before September surprises all of us :)

1. Get ready for the new school year and the CARPOOL line with a clean car, both inside and out. Local detail services charge around $150 to fully clean, vacuum—and make your car smell like new again.

2. Tidy up the outside! At the end of August, it’s typical to find an abandoned kiddie pool, dirt piles, and errant toys littering the yard. Take the time to divide the yard debris into things to keep and things that really do need to be thrown away.

3. This is your last chance to do some outside touch-up paint. How’s that front door looking? What about the window trim? Before the rain sets in, get your paint brush out and weather-up the house.

That’s not a long list (who wants a LONG list?) but maybe just enough to do before school starts to help you feel extra accomplished :)


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Organize Your Space

Organizing your space can be a real headache. It’s hard to know where to start! But what if you began at the front door? Coming home to a clean and well-organized entry can be energizing, instead of draining.

If you use a garage entry door for most of your in-and-out of the house trips, think about making a locker or bin system for each person in the family. This can be a great place for folks to drop their sunglasses, purses, backpacks and shoes. Even better? Build-in a permanent spot for shoes to be kept out of the way!

Consider a wall-mounted coat rack instead of a free-standing one. You can make your own with a painted piece of trim and hooks or pegs from World Market or Hobby Lobby. Both stores have a vast array of shapes and themes to choose from. Make sure you have a peg for each family member!

Using this same technique, you can hang wire baskets from the trim and create additional space to catch used objects on the wall, rather than on the floor.

Keeping your entry ways free of clutter is good for the soul as well as the mind.

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Tia Gonzalez, our new Manager!

StorItAll has a new manager, Tia Gonzalez—and we can’t wait to tell you a little bit about her! She’s fun, totally organized, and has made StorItAll a better business in every way. We thought a little Q and A would be appropriate :)

Q. So Tia, when did you start at StorItAll?

A: I started at StorItAll in February of this year, but have worked for Inncline Management for 3 years.

Q. What’s good about working at StorItAll?

A: Not only do we offer great storage options in a convenient location, but we have an amazing staff here that really knows how to make our tenants feel valued. I think that a lot of storage facilities forget how important it is to hire great people and provide awesome customer service, but we know that a friendly face makes all the difference.

Q. What do you enjoy doing in the summer, Tia?

A: My favorite summertime activity is camping. You can’t beat the hiking, fishing, and relaxing by a campfire. It’s the best way to enjoy Oregon!

Q. Have any special talents we should know about?

A: I don’t know if I would call it a talent, but I have become a pretty decent amateur makeup artist! It started as something I just did for fun, but people have been so happy with the results that I’m now the go-to for my friends and family when they want to feel a little extra glamorous.


Stop by StorItAll and meet Tia yourself. We are so happy to have her on board.


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