School is Starting! It’s that time of year again! How can it be???

Moving to and from your house, dorm, or apartment can be a real pain.

Photo by Paul Keller. Creative Commons. Flickr

Photo by Paul Keller. Creative Commons. Flickr

If you are looking for extra storage or moving materials, stop by Storitall on 8th Ave.. We have a moving store full of everything you might need (boxes, tape, bungee cords, padlocks, you name it) and, should  you have extra furniture or bicycles to store during the school year, we have a place for those things, too!

At Storitall, we have units as small as a 5×5 or 4×8—and with a location steps away from the University of Oregon campus—it really is the perfect place to stow a bicycle (and be assured it is NOT going to be stolen overnight), ski gear, extra clothing or furniture pieces. If you are an out-of-town (even international) student, Storitall is essential. We have drive-in bays for loading and unloading, and an onsite manager for questions and safety.

Welcome back to school! We hope to see you here soon!