PrettyInPrint via Flickr

PrettyInPrint via Flickr

How does clothing storage work?

Most people know (intuitively?) how to use a closet…but have many questions when it comes to storing clothes long term.

First rule: ONLY STORE DRY CLOTHING. If you put it in wet, it will mildew. Properly clean and dry all clothing items before storing short or long-term.

Storitall’s self-storage units easily accommodate rolling garment hangers. So, for those finely tailored items (suiting of all sorts) it is best to utilize hangers, match the hemlines, and cover in cloth or canvas clothing bags. Do remember to hang pants from the cuffs, or use a pants hanger to prevent creasing the thigh area.

Never use wire hangers, even those covered in paper. Wooden hangers are ideal!

Don’t squish your clothing. Leave plenty of room between items to prevent unnecessary wrinkling.

For heavier items, folding and flat packing are your best bet. But do be warned: storing clothing for longer than a year can result in deterioration, unless the clothing has been packed in airtight bags.

Use white tissue paper! Tons of it! Pretend you work at the GAP and just pile that stuff in there. Between everything!

Organize. Don’t throw jeans, underwear and tshirts in the same box. You’ll drive yourself crazy next time you are looking for that Rembrants T-shirt.

Lastly, when you unpack, let the clothing air out for at least 24 hours before wearing. It just needs a break, man!