Photo by Paul Keller. Creative Commons. Flickr

Photo by Paul Keller. Creative Commons. Flickr Donate your unwanted items

It’s the end of the school year (again!) and while we have nearly full occupancy (yippee!!!) we do have to say goodbye to some seniors and wish them well in their next pursuits.

For those moving out—whether you are taking your things from Storitall, or from another storage facility in Eugene, Oregon—be aware: your junk is another’s treasure! Donate unwanted items!

So you say you don’t want it anymore… Here is your solution:


Ongoing, from today through June 21, 2014, Chuck it for Charity can help place your unwanted things (read: gently used with some life left in it, okay?) with folks who really need what you are leaving behind.


It is super simple to do. Sign up online at  THEN, gather all your donations together and VOILA! THEY will pick it up FOR YOU. Life couldn’t get any more simple.

We love it when you store your belongings with Storitall! But if you are leaving town, don’t leave us your precious things! Donate unwanted items to local charities.

Happy Graduations!

(From the University of Oregon: If you have any issues submitting the form please contact the DOS front desk at 541-346-3216)