Time to get organized!

With the new school year fast approaching, it makes sense to use the last few weeks of August to prepare yourself for the upcoming busy-season.

Has your family considered using an Information Center to help with the transition?

It’s a centrally located (usually at a garage entry door or front door) place to find out what’s happening in the family.

So, what’s in a Family Information Center?
1. Calendar. Sure, everyone has one on their iPhone, but there should be a visible calendar that lists family obligations, parties, school and sporting schedules for everyone.
2. The house-hold chore chart. Nobody likes it, but it makes the house run a lot smoother!

3. A place for the household shopping list, coupons, receipts and rebates.

4. In-Boxes for each family member. These in-boxes will be for permission slips, personal bills, party invitations, or general mail.

5. Finally, a white board! These is simply an indispensable tool of communication for a busy family.

Happy August!