The summer is off to a swinging start with Garage Sales happening EVERYWHERE each and every Saturday! Some take place throughout entire neighborhoods! The last article we posted had to do with how to throw a fabulous garage sale and make lots of money :)

This week, we’ll talk about how to GO to garage sales and get the best deals.

Photo by Paul Keller. Creative Commons. Flickr

Photo by Paul Keller. Creative Commons. Flickr

1. Scout your route before you go.

If you are going to multiple sales, note the start times and be aware that many people start early-birding sales up to an hour before listed times.

If the sale happens to be of the Estate Sale variety, it’s imperative to arrive early. Plan on waiting in line at the front door and entering the home only as people exit. It’s key to be one of the first people through—otherwise you can end up standing in line while other people are shopping—and potentially bagging up exactly what you came for!

2. Make a list of what you are looking for.

In multi-family or neighborhood sales the deals can be overwhelming! Everything is on the ‘auction block’ from four-wheelers to Christmas China. Some prices seem so good they’re hard to pass up. Twelve mugs for a dollar? YES! But wait…do you NEED 12 mugs?

3.  Bring a bag, or better yet, a wagon.

Garage sales can be busy places. It’s hard to carry armloads of treasure around, so next time, try a little red wagon. Not only does it free your hands up to dig through the tables, but it’s easy to see what you’ve picked up when you are ready to purchase. Not to mention, a wagon makes shopping easy on your back when you’re ready to go!

4. Don’t be afraid to dicker.

Garage sales are a great place to try dickering on price. See a t-shirt you like for $1.00? Offer 50 cents. Or, try picking out six t-shirts and offering $5 for all of them. You never know until you ask!

5. Be courteous.

Even though you aren’t shopping in a store, per se, you are shopping in someone’s yard or garage. Be courteous to their things no matter how cheaply they have them priced. And never, ever ask to use their restroom. That’s just a no-no. :)

Now go out there and make some deals happen!