Are you ready for Christmas? It’s almost time to turn on your favorite Pandora channel and start wrapping those gifts…but wait!

Did you know most shiny, laminated gift wrapping paper is NOT recyclable?


photo courtesy of m01229, Flickr

photo courtesy of m01229, Flickr


What can you do instead?

Get creative.

Here are a few ideas for your Christmas eco-wrapping!

1. Utilize newsprint or colorful magazine articles for a retro looking wrap. Try tying a colorful satin bow on top that can be reused or resifted.

2. There are fabric gift-wraps available online from many earth conscious retailers. Or, try putting your gifts in reusable grocery bags (a gift in itself!) or a canvas book bag.

3. Is your gift delicate? Tie it in a scarf, pocket square or handkerchief.

4. Is your gift kitchen related? Tie or wrap in a tea towel or two!

5. If you still want that traditional look, go to This company makes low-waste, recyclable paper in traditional colors and designs. Sure to please!

Lastly, instead of using tissue paper, please consider utilizing shredded paper. All recyclable and colorful too!


Merry Christmas from Storitall.