Photo courtesy of Sunchild57 Photography, Flikr

Photo courtesy of Sunchild57 Photography, Flikr

Spring term is nearly over! Just a few weeks are left for students in Lane County, and then it will be time to put away the books and start the summer.

Where will you put your school books?

Storitall is the perfect place to store every book in your collection, from textbooks to romance novels.

Not only are our units climate controlled (not too hot and not too cold!), but safe from the elements. Our facility is pest-free, and well ventilated. Your books will stay perfectly readable at Storitall.

Now that you know where to store your books, we’ve compiled a list of the best tips on HOW to store books. Here they are:

1. Do not wrap your books in plastic (plastic bags or plastic wrap).

2. Do not wrap your books in foil. Both foil and plastic encourage mold…and mold is BAD for books!

3. Instead, wrap books individually in paper towels. If the books do come into contact with moisture, the paper towels will help wick. Also, clean paper towels are perfect for protecting your bindings and covers.

4. While you shouldn’t wrap your books in plastic, it is appropriate to use plastic tubs or boxes for storage purposes. Cardboard is okay, too—just as long as it is NEW cardboard. Cardboard boxes that might have come into contact with wet things, or food, attract pests.

5. Pack the heaviest books on the bottom, light on top. You can line them up, or stack–but do it tightly.

Then, when you arrive at Storitall, save your back and use a handcart. We provide them free of charge to our customers. You can also count on a nice freight elevator if you have a unit upstairs.

Remember that the end of school is coming soon and we fill up FAST for the summer. Larry, our manager, keeps a list of reserved units in the office until graduation. The list is filling up (three pages so far), so please call today if you are planning on utilizing a Storitall unit (closest storage facility to the University campus). We’d love to see you!