Larry plays Piano

Larry plays Piano

Every now and then people ask, “What’s so special about Storitall?”

It’s a valid question. Storitall is, after all, just a humble self-storage facility downtown Eugene.

But throw the question to Larry, Storitall’s manager and you walk away with an entirely different perspective.

First of all, Storitall is a self-storage facility all under one roof. With loading and unloading bays so no one ever gets their hair wet. Secondly, the one-entrance-one-exit arrangement, video surveillance and onsite managers make the facility super secure. Add the complementary hand-carts and cargo elevator and what’s not to love?

Then, there’s the proximity to campus. SO CLOSE. And the proximity to beer. RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Coffee? Student housing? A gym? ALL WITHIN A FEW FEET.

But none of these compelling reasons held a candle to the best answer Larry provided.

What’s so special about Storitall?
Well, does ANY OTHER storage facility in Eugene provide guests with piano concertos and jazz numbers while they unload? Can any other manager riff on the piano keyboard with quite so much energy and style? We think not.

So, let’s conclude.

Do you have things to store?

Hate getting your hair wet?

Need a beer? A work-out? A place to live?

Do you like Music?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Storitall is your best choice for self-storage in Eugene. CallĀ us today! 541-683-5622