Storitall is a very special storage facility—maintaining a consistent climate indoors for all our storage units. We strive to exceed our customers expectations!

Not every storage facility is the same. Not even your garage can compare to a secured, climate controlled facility.

Mold is easily grown in humidity and any kind of dampness (whether due to leaks or condensation). If you’ve stored your memories, clothing or home goods in a damp location—you may encounter mold. Here’s a guide to how to clean it up.

CLOTHING FABRICS (not including leather or silk)

Add a cup of vinegar to your washing machine load. Wash on HOT. Hang clothing to dry IN SUNLIGHT (Isn’t nature awesome?). That’s it!



Curtains can pose a special challenge because they often show staining so readily. After washing with the detergent vinegar mix, treat stains by creating a paste of lemon and salt. Spread over the stain and let sit for thirty minutes before rinsing with cool water. Wash again with hot water, regular detergent and a cup of vinegar. Hang dry.



Clean the camping gear / tent with warm soapy water and a sponge. Then, fill your bathtub with a mixture of technical fabric cleaner and water. Soak for twenty to thirty minutes. Remove the tent and move to a sunny location. Allow tent to dry halfway, then move to the shade and scrub any remaining mildew stains with a paste of lime juice, salt and water. When the tent is completely 100% dry, reapply waterproofing. Store in a clean, dry location. How about Storitall????


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