Moving Store


Moving Store – Don’t have a box? We can help.

We figured, if you are doing all the heavy lifting, we’d better make this process as easy as possible.

Right inside our front office you’ll find a convenient Moving Store that stocks all your basic moving needs:

Boxes, Rope, Gloves, Tape—you want it? We got it. Hand-trucks and a cargo elevator are also available to make everyone’s life that much easier.

STORAGE TIPS (otherwise known as Mother’s Good Advice)

1. Pack items carefully in clearly labeled boxes of the same size and shape.
2. Use inexpensive mattress covers (yes, we can sell you one).
3. Don’t overpack boxes —afterall, it’s only cardboard. Put the books in many boxes and fill the rest of the space with lighter objects.
4. Keep a list (outside of the storage unit!) of everything you packed away. You’ll certainly thank us later for that one.

Units Available

Use this guide of sample unit sizes to estimate how much storage space you require. If you need assistance, e-mail a list of your items to our StorItAll Consultant and we will help you decide what unit is right for you.

Storage Sizes


25 Sq Ft | 200 Cu Ft
Similar in size to:
Entry Closet
Small furniture (i.e. chest of drawers, small mattress set, end tables), sporting equipment, boxes and other small items.


50 Sq Ft | 400 Cu Ft
Similar in size to:
Walk-in Closet
Ideal for storing small amounts of furniture. Furnishings from a studio or small one bedroom apartment: mattress set, sofa, dining room set, boxes and small items.


100 Sq Ft | 800 Cu Ft
Similar in size to:
Small Bedroom
Ideal for storing a typical 1 bedroom apartment.


150 Sq Ft | 1200 Cu Ft
Similar in size to:
¾ of a One Car Garage
Ideal for storing a typical 2 bedroom apartment or house.


200 Sq Ft | 1600 Cu Ft
Similar in size to:
Large Garage
Ideal for storing a 3 or 4 bedroom house.


300 Sq Ft | 2400 Cu Ft
Similar in size to:
Larger Garage
Ideal for storing a 4 to 5 bedroom house.