New to our little corner of the world: The Barn Light EAST campus!

We are excited to welcome The Barn Light Bar and Coffee House to the neighborhood. Along with Sam Bonds and Lane 5 Crossfit, we couldn’t think of better company.

Here’s a taste of what they believe:

The Barn Light is a place where one can work or escape from work, where one can be left with one’s own thoughts or share those thoughts with friends—it is the perfect place to start your day, spend your day, and raise a toast to the end of the day.

Considering that most of our clients at Storitall are physically exhausting themselves moving to and from homes, colleges, and places of work—the idea that of a place to escape is especially welcoming.

You can find The Barn Light East campus one of two ways. Number one, you could visit us at Storitall and simply turn around 180 degrees and walk across the street, OR, put this in your GPS: The Barn Light, 545 E. 8th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401