patio furniture

It’s officially Fall. It seems like just yesterday we encouraged every one to get their bicycles out of storage and start riding Eugene’s amazing bike trail system. Now, we’re reminding you it’s time to put away your patio furniture! At least you can do the job while enjoying a warm beverage.

Prepping your patio only takes about an hour, and by taking care of your outdoor furniture you’ll ensure it lasts a long long time.

1. Clean your furniture and any cushions, hammocks or umbrellas. It’s annoying—but so refreshing to use clean things in the Spring!

2. Stack your furniture in your Storitall unit. Removed cushions should be carefully stacked on top or stored in a clean, dry, breathable bag or cardboard box.

3. Cover vulnerable plants with burlap, or move inside. Storitall is climate controlled and remains temperate through the year.

4. Remember to turn off the sprinklers and clean out the system! A sudden freeze can wreak havoc on an unprepared watering system.