Add this to the list of things your mother forgot to teach you: how to pack your china. Who knew you would even have china? But weddings do that to people. So… you should know how to pack it correctly.

Firstly, you are going to need some packing supplies. You can get most things at our packing store on property — but — in the case of FINE CHINA, you may need to visit another packing supply store. Why? Well, did you remember to save the boxes that the china came in?

No of course not. Who would? The packing experts. For example, Martha Stewart probably has an entire closet dedicated to the boxes that her china came in. You’ll wish you had one too.

If you do not have the box that your china came in (bless you), you will need to find a small box that can accommodate 5-10 plates — but not exceed 10 lbs, or thereabouts.

Then, some bubble wrap (we’ve got that!), packing peanuts or newspaper, packing tape, and something to write with.

1. Build your box.

2. Fill the bottom of the box with layers of either scrunched up newspaper or packing peanuts. Layer the bottom of the box well. This is an essential step.

3. And now for the Mind Blow: Stand the Plates UP! That’s right — wrap your plates in bubble wrap and stand them on their ends. Apparently, they are stronger this way! Continue to stand the plates next to each other until the box is packed tightly.

4. Fill the remaining voids with scrunched up newspaper or packing peanuts.

5. Shut the box. Say a Prayer. Tape it up.

6. Label the top of the box: TOP OF BOX. And on the sides, FRAGILE. And if that isn’t enough to remind you what is in the box: FINE CHINA. STANDING ON ITS SIDE!!!

Have other packing questions? Need a place to store that china now? Head on over to Storitall off Franklin Blvd in Eugene, OR. We would be more than happy to assist you with and packing or storage needs.