Packing the kitchen is THE hardest job of moving.

Photo courtesy of Adventures of Pam and Frank, via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Adventures of Pam and Frank, via Flickr

Okay, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration…carrying the bed frames and dining room table out to the truck might be harder…but not by much. The worst part is keeping it organized.

A kitchen is full of little things. Very important little things. Wine stoppers, can openers, refrigerator magnets (you know they are important). And once you get to your new digs, finding these little things is key to happiness. Am I right?

So…how to make the process a little less painless…

1. Set aside a “JUST MOVED IN” box. These are a few of your essentials for the first two days or so. This box contains your coffee pot, two mugs, a bag of new beans, the grinder, two small plates, some cutlery and croissants. Okay, our box is certainly coffee themed. The point is, make a stash of things you absolutely will use and need immediately — WHILE you look for everything else.

2. Utilize Cell Kits. Cell kits are those dividers you find in boxes of glasses and stemware. They are sold at many moving stores and big box retailers (like Bed Bath and Beyond). They can be your best friend. Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes.

3. Fill a few big boxes with the things you don’t use everyday, like cookie sheets and muffin tins. You can live a week or so without fresh made bread. These baking items are bulky and typically non-breakable, so they are great to pack together and set aside until you are almost all moved in.

4. Prepare a box just for cutlery. And remember, this is a great time to cull the herd. How did you get the ancient airline fork? No one will fess up. If you don’t like eating with miniature prongs, throw it out or donate it to someone who does. And don’t just throw your drawer in a bag. Take the time to look through it. Packing crumbs and stray paperclips doesn’t help you at the other end.

Try wrapping your knifes carefully in bubble wrap. This will protect your precious fingers later on. Butcher paper is also a great device for wrapping and rolling.

More tips to come — !