You can never have too much advice, right?

Hmmm. That’s a loaded question. But when it comes to moving, maybe more heads are better than one. Especially if this is your first big move.

Whether you are a family of four or a singleton switching apartments, moving all your stuff can be quite a hassle. It’s also the time when all your “friends” disappear. Or have bad backs. Or the flu?

But it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. Moving can be fun, can’t it? A little ’80′s music, some Snickers bars, and spiked lemonade — the answer is yes. Of course, you are going to need more than those three supplies.

According to professional movers (and Martha Stewart), a typical 3-bedroom home will require 100 cardboard boxes, 440 yards of packing tape, and 120 lbs of packing paper to complete the job. WOW. That is A LOT of packing material. We think this estimate might be a little bit overkill. You do need to stock up on healthy cardboard boxes for your precious pieces, but you can also find some re-used boxes at Costco and other grocers. Newsprint can just as easily be used to pack with as ‘professional’ packing paper — though you do need to be aware that the ink on the pages will rub off occasionally. Okay, all the time.

Here’s our top four packing tips for moving:

1. If you are just moving across town, save yourself a million headaches by investing in a few Wardrobe Boxes. They have a metal hanging rod in them. BAM you just moved your entire closet in like, three minutes. This is a big time saver.

2. Seal your boxes up with BROWN PACKING TAPE. We sell it at our moving store. You might think you can get away with using a roll of masking tape. Wrong! What about duct tape? NO! Don’t do it. It’s such a mess. You’ll thank us a million times over.

3. Use mattress bags and furniture pads. You can rent these or buy them at places like Bed Bath & Beyond. You sleep on your bed every night — so it’s kinda nice not to get boogers on it.

4. Take advantage of our FREE TO USE dollies and handcarts. Don’t break your back. Or the back’s of your friends with the flu; they are tender souls.

All in all — moving can be an adventure.

Need additional packing tips? Boxes? An extra place to store your stuff for awhile? That’s why we’re here. Come visit us at Storitall. We’re happy to help.