In a climate so perfect for roses, it’s no wonder so many Eugenians find delight in growing these gorgeous flowers. And we know who you gardeners are! Storitall is the perfect place for a city dweller to store their community garden tools—and Eugene has so many community gardens it’s no wonder fresh flowers, fruits and veggies are a staple in our homes. Urban farmers, unite!


As winter approaches, its time to take care of the garden—and caring for your roses becomes topmost priority. You could take classes at Owen Rose Garden, or follow these simple directions on how to prepare your roses fro the winter.

The cool fall weather brings on roses dormant period. It’s important to stop fertilizing in late summer in Oregon. The last feeding of the season should occur two months before  the first frost. That’s the time to stop pruning and cutting blossoms, too, as cutting can stimulate new growth.

1. Remove all the old mulch from under and around the roses. This old dirt could harbor disease and insect eggs.

2. Spread fresh mulch: wood chips, shredded bark, chops leaves.

3. Water the roses well.

4. Once the ground freezes, add more mulch. Mound the mulch 6 to 12 inches up the canes.