Moving or remodeling this summer?

Now is the time to think ahead and put into place a few tips and tricks from the pros to make your move easy as pie.


1. Use small boxes for heavy items like dish ware and mugs. Need a box? Storitall’s Moving Store has you covered! We also sell tape and packing materials.

2. Painting anything? Use small plastic lidded containers to store the left-over paint. Use a label on the outside of the container to document WHERE you used the color, plus a swatch of the color itself.

3. Use zippered cloth and clear plastic blanket bags to store quilts and comforters. Not only do they have handles (!) but the see-through bags make it easy to find the blanket you are looking for come moving day.

4. Make a Master List. It’s always good to write down what you have in storage. You can organize your things by category: Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bath – and keep the master list with you (not in the storage unit!).

5. Use shelving! Storitall rents shelving systems that can help organize your spaces and fits perfectly inside our units.