Storitall presents a three-part series on Spring Cleaning! After all, it is MARCH and by the looks of the weather, summer is coming sooner than later!

We’ll start with some tips on how to tackle your major living areas. What you’ll need: Laundry baskets, dust mop, step ladder, microfiber towels, a small bucket, sponge, soap/mild cleanser, murphy oil soap for wood finishes, and a vacuum and attachment.


1. Take 15 minutes and declutter every room. Use laundry baskets to divide out-of-place things into three piles: put away, give away, and throw away!

2. Now is the time to tackle the ceiling, walls and corners. Use a damp towel with mild cleanser to pull down any stray spider webs, the dust, and errant dirt.

3. Move to the Air Vents (whether in the ceiling or the floor). Door knobs, switch plates, and don’t forget the trim! The trim is important to clean all around the base of the room and over each door.

4. Ceiling Fans. Ceiling fans are notorious for collecting the dust bunnies. If your ceiling fan has wood plates, use Murphy Oil Soap to gently clean them.

5. Use glass cleaner or a damp cloth to wipe clear all ceiling light fixtures. Take off undercounted screens to clean out dead bugs.

6. Vacuum out windowsills and rinse off window screens.

7. Take down any curtains that can be laundered. Dust blinds.

8. Remove knickknacks and books from shelves and clean with Murphy Oil Soap.

9. Call a professional carpet cleaner to tackle large rooms.



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