Storitall is back again with our second Spring Cleaning tips and advice article—and this time we are going to focus on the Bathroom.

What you will need: A good attitude, a small bucket, sponge, microfiber towels, glass cleaner, soft scrub/dutch cleanser, natural soap scum/mildew cleanser, vacuum and vacuum attachment, mop.


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Spring


1. Start by opening a window and turning on a vent fan. Then, begin with the ceiling, walls and corners: wash thoroughly with a damp cloth and cleanser. Afterwards, tackle the vents and lighting. Don’t forget to clean above the doors!

2. Remove used shower curtain and liner. Replace with new curtain and liner.

3. Use a surface-safe cleanser to thoroughly clean the tub and shower walls. Rinse. Use a soft bristled brush to remove mildew in grout lines.

4. The toilet. It’s not just the inside that you should be concerned about. Don’t forget that the outside of the toilet is often just as dirty as the inside. Clean the handle, base and bowl of the toilet with mild soap and water.

5. Remove all items from drawers and cabinets. Divide into three piles: Keep, throw-away, and give-away. Toss any make-up you haven’t used in over three months. Vacuum out drawers and wash with a mild cleanser.

6. Clean sinks, mirrors (with glass cleaner and paper towels), and other fixtures. Cotton q-tips can help reach difficult crevices.

7. Shake and vacuum all bathroom rugs. Launder if possible.

8. Mop the floor.

9. Get out of the house and take a walk—you did it!