It’s Spring! Time for some intense Spring Cleaning. In our first tips & tricks article we discussed how to tackle your main living areas. Then, we cleaned the bathroom —and now we are ready to do THE KITCHEN!

You can do this. All you will need is a small bucket, a mop, vacuum, microfiber towels, a sponge, drawer liners, oven cleaner, glass cleaner and a mild soap.


Start by opening any windows you might have in the kitchen. Sometimes the cleaning materials have quite a strong scent and it’s good to keep the air moving!

1. First things first, declutter the countertops and do all dirty dishes. Take everything on the counter and place into three piles: put away, throw-away, and give-away.

2. Wash down the ceiling, walls and corners with a damp cloth and mild soap. Grease builds everywhere in a kitchen, so even if it doesn’t LOOK dirty, it still needs a good cleaning.

3. Utilize oven cleaner. Follow the directions!

4. Now, can you unplug the refrigerator and move it? If so, vacuum the coils, underneath, and behind the refrigerator. If you cannot move the unit, use a vacuum attachment to reach as far behind and underneath as possible.

5. Open your refrigerator and freezer and begin sorting your food. Look at all labels and throw away expired dressings, condiments, and eggs! What about the freezer? Have you had some of the food for over six months? Contemplate throwing it out.

6. Wash the drawers of the refrigerator with a sponge. Make sure to get into all the corners.

7. Now for the stove: remove knobs, burners, burner covers and spill catchers. Thoroughly clean according to manufacturers directions. Use a degreasing kitchen cleaner.

8. Wipe and degrease kitchen cabinets, both inside and out. Reline drawers and cupboards if needed.

9. Remove and discard/give-away mismatched lids and bowls. Consider donating pots and pans that you no longer use.

10. Run your dishwasher EMPTY.

11. Mop the floor

12. Go for a walk outside! You did it! Congratulate yourself on a Kitchen even Martha Stewart would be proud to use!