John Belushi in Animal House. Universal Pictures.

John Belushi in Animal House. Universal Pictures.

The new school year is upon us! Is Eugene ready for the new class of Ducks at University of Oregon? YES! And we here at Storitall give a rowdy hello and can’t wait to welcome you!

We offer many sizes of storage units, from small personal storage needs (5×5) to larger apartment sized storage solutions. With drive-in bays, we keep our customers warm and dry while moving all their stuff! And we provide hand-carts and cargo carts free of charge. Did we mention we have a freight elevator? Life couldn’t get any easier.

The Flock Party is coming right up. We invite all the new students to come take a look at Storitall and reserve a space today—and then head right on over to the Flock Party on campus at the EMU.

We are located at 550 E 8th, next to Sam Bond’s Tasting Room and Brewery and across from the Federal Courthouse.

Now, about that Flock Party!

The Flock Party

Friday, September 26 at 5:00pm to 12:00am

Erb Memorial Union (EMU) Erb Memorial Union, Eugene, OR

The University of Oregon Flock Party is the premiere student welcome event on the University of Oregon campus and the largest campus-wide interactive event of the year. It provides students with the chance to immerse themselves in an exciting atmosphere of entertainment and fun.

Now, we copied that description from the OFFICIAL Flock Party site, so that means a) this is a big party, and b) you don’t want to miss it.

Find us over at Storitall first (make sure you know where we are and visit Sam Bonds) THEN head over to the Flock.

Can’t wait to meet all the new students!