(via Enrico on Flickr)

(via Enrico on Flickr)

Has your son or daughter outgrown their favorite bear? How about 25 bears, three giraffes and 32 small stuffed kittens? If this sounds like your house, don’t be afraid to start sifting through the collection and sorting them out. No doubt some of the snuggly stuffed animals will need to be saved for nostalgia. The rest, however, can be donated to a local church (they are always looking for nursery items), your local shelter, or a resale store.

But back to the animals that must be saved for the next 20 years: First of all, it’s not a great idea to throw them in a paper bag and shove them in the attic. Attics are notorious for getting hot and stuffy in the summer and dreadfully damp and cold in the winter. Those are perfect conditions for mildew and dust mites. To keep your children’s prized possessions looking (and smelling) like new, the best solution is to vacuum seal them into a plastic bag and store them in a temperature controlled environment.

We here at Storitall suggest carefully labeling your bag o’ friends and placing it, along with any scrapbooks and picture albums, in a sturdy cardboard box. Don’t overload your boxes — leave plenty of “breathing” room between your items.

Storitall is located right downtown Eugene for fast and convenient use (should your teenager suddenly need Teddy more than ever and immediately). We offer handcarts (for those of you with more than three or four boxes of stuffed animals) free of charge for everyone’s use. Storitall is temperature controlled, has indoor loading bays (drive right in!) and sells all your packing needs in our main office.

So please don’t be embarrassed to save your precious memories with us; we take great pride in saving your best!