Storing artwork is a delicate operation.

(via Sam Howzit, Flickr)

(via Sam Howzit, Flickr)

There are many levels of precaution based on the type of artwork going into storage. The first question to ask is of worth. If you artwork is collectable, by all means, find a fine arts storage facility that measures humidity and temperature. You cannot be too careful with art investments. In the Eugene area, we can recommend: UOVO Fine Art Storage

If your artwork is of a more, shall we say, personal worth — then there are still basic precautions to take.

If framed and covered with glass, start by X’ing the front of the picture with masking tape. You don’t plan on dropping the picture, but hey, stranger things have happened. Then, cut a piece of cardboard to match the size of the glass. Use heavy duty cardboard. Don’t skimp (this isn’t the time to use a Wheaties box).

Now, wrap the entire picture in bubble wrap. We suggest doing at least one layer horizontally, and one layer vertically. Secure with masking tape or packing tape.

You can buy picture boxes (cardboard storage boxes) and place the artwork inside, stuffing more packing material around the picture until it does not move.  Or, if you are a slightly more carefree spirit, you can wrap the pictures in butcher paper and make all your friends and family sign breakage waivers.

Last step? For goodness sake, use a Sharpie and write the name of the piece on the outside of the artwork. Then, put FRAGILE underneath in all caps. (You never know who you are going to get to help you move these pictures a second time.)

Then it’s up to you to store them in a reliable and safe place. We are partial to ourselves, for this step. Storitall, right downtown Eugene! We are indoor, climate controlled, secure, and weatherproof.

Your artwork will be safe with us.