Spring has sprung! And it’s time to start storing sweaters for the summer season.

We’ve had some questions in the past on how to best store sweaters, so here it goes: Storitall’s Best Advice on Storing Sweaters.

1. All natural fiber sweaters require more preparation for storage. We will concentrate on natural fiber storage today—that would include: cotton, wool, cashmere, angora, mohair and silk. These kind of sweaters are YUMMY to little moth larvae. Oh, they love to munch away at mohair. Actually, it’s not the hair that their interested in—but rather, keratin, a protein in the hair. Yummy! The only thing better than a delightfully delicious sweater is a DIRTY sweater. And by dirty, we mean, WORN. Anything that has touched your skin and picked up oils, scents, sweat or splashes of lunch, is even better than delicious. It is IRRESISTIBLE.

2. So then, the first lesson is: DRY CLEAN all natural fiber sweaters to prepare for long-term (more than a month) storage. Dry cleaning kills all the little tiny bugs, critters, and larvae that might be making a home in your sweaters. While you can certainly hand-launder natural fiber sweaters—we are speaking specifically for storage prep. And hand-laundering will not kill larvae unless followed by a rather more complicated freezing process. Yes, we said, “freezing”.

3. Now that you’ve got your fresh, dry-cleaned sweaters ready to store, you’ll need something to store them in. While Storitall is a climate-controlled, and indoor storage facility, it is still important to that you use plastic containers when it comes to storing sweaters. Clean (!), thick, airtight plastic containers.

4. You can layer your sweaters with tissue paper—or simply stack them inside the plastic boxes. Once laundered, they will be good to go for months. Some people like to add a lavender sachet to the box. Lavender is great smelling to our noses, but absolutely disgusting to critters. That makes it PERFECT :)

5. Remember to add either Cedar Planks or Lavender Sachets to your closet at home. This helps keep down the critter count all around.

Happy Summertime! It’s coming soon! Storing your sweaters is just the first step :)