A successful garage sale takes a lot of effort, time and planning—and June is the perfect time of year! Storitall has a lot of advice when it comes to garage sales. :)

People love to collect things. One person’s trash truly is another’s treasure. To make the most of your garage sale there are a few simple rules to follow.

The first thing to do is advertise. Look to post an ad in local papers. Here in Eugene, the Eugene Weekly is a great resource to use. You might also put signage up on local community boards. These are usually located at libraries, coffee shops, and even grocery stores.

Plan your garage sale for a non-holiday weekend. Memorial Day weekend and July 4th are notoriously bad for traffic. Most folks are out of town! So choose a free weekend and plan to work every minute of it. Early birds will arrive well before your posted start time. Decide whether you want to cater to them before your start date.

Although Eugene is seriously PET FRIENDLY, it’s not a bad idea to put your family dog in the back yard or inside on garage sale day. Yes, you know your dog is the best dog that ever was, but to others, Rover might be a bad allergy, a huge fear, or just a nuisance.

PRICE EVERYTHING. Don’t go on the fly. If you don’t want to label each thing you are selling (say, 10,000 infant onesies), put like-priced items on one table and a sign, “Everything in this box $.50″ (for example).

All clothing is best showcased hanging. You can always make a display with a shower rod, better yet is a bonafide rolling rack. Clothing displayed hanging sells faster and for more money than folded on a table.

Typical pricing starts at 1/3 the new price, down to next to nothing. Do a little research on eBay to see what you might list your own items for.

Lastly, have change. And keep it in a locked box or on your person. And, never work alone.