Are you looking for a safe and convenient place for your wine storage?

Besides being Eugene’s best document storage facility, Storitall is also a great place for a wine collection. Business-to-leisure in one stop!

Seriously, though…if you have a large wine collection taking over your garage or basement, you might consider a better solution to your wine storage.

The three most important points of wine storage are the following:

1. Keep that wine at a consistent temperature — 55F is awesome — no fluctuations!!! When folks begin running out of space they often look to their attics and basements for stash-away storage. The basement might be okay (unless it is completely unheated and gets too cold) and the attic retains your home’s heat (a definite no-no for wine). Storitall is a temperature controlled, indoor storage facility. Be it raining, snowing or 125F outside, our storage units remain at a consistent 50-65F.

2. Keep your wine STILL. Stop moving it all the time! Not under your bed or in the closet. And especially not in the refrigerator for any long period of time. You can rest assured that unless you invite us to, we will not be moving your wine.

3. Store the bottles sideways/at an angle. The goal is to keep that cork wet, which helps seal in all that goodness. Rack systems are easy DIY projects —or, if you aren’t feeling quite so industrious—easily purchased with minimal assembly. A 5×5 unit will handily hold a great quantity of wine.

Consider Storitall for your wine storage. We already have one client with hundreds of bottles (he shall remain nameless, so as not to create a run on his collection) who loves wine and has now found the perfect place to keep it.

photo courtesy of J & R Photography, Flickr

photo courtesy of J & R Photography, Flickr